Water-based paint

Water-based paint is a viscous liquid formulated with organic solvents or water based on resin, or oil, or emulsion, with the addition of corresponding additives. Water-based coatings with excellent performance should also have excellent operating performance, good hiding power, strong coating adhesion, and good water retention performance; cellulose ether is the most suitable raw material to provide these properties.

The water retention performance of Wanhong Ruiquan Vitamin Ether provides excellent coating performance for latex coatings, especially high-PVC coatings. When the coating is a thick paste, it will not cause flocculation; its high thickening effect can reduce the dosage and improve the formula. The economy, while improving the suspension of the coating system. The excellent rheological properties of the paint can maintain the best thickening state of the paint in the static state; in the state of pouring, it has excellent fluidity and will not splash; when brushing and rolling, it is easy to apply The base material is spread, which is convenient for construction; finally, when the paint coating is completed, the viscosity of the system immediately recovers, and the paint will immediately sag.

Proper surface treatment of Wanhong Ruiquan cellulose ether can effectively prevent agglomeration during dissolution, fully disperse, and sufficient dissolution time and viscosity increase speed can simplify the production process; the modified Wanhong Ruiquan cellulose ether also has Good anti-mildew performance, provide enough paint storage time, effectively prevent pigment and filler from settling.

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